Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Technique #5: Glaze pen resist

This is quite a fun technique and I love using it. You can use it many different ways with different media... make sure you experiment once you understand how it works.

  • Sakura white Glaze pen
  • watercolors (you can use ink also)
  • paper
  • stamp (optional)
  • pen & ink, colored pencils, gel pens, markers, ... something to embelish and finish your piece


  1. Add some color to your paper (I used one of my hand-carved stamps printed with watercolors)
  2. Draw over your colored background with the white Sakura Glaze pen (I go over the edges of the designs on the paper, making sure the lines I'm drawing are going over the colored paper - not the white). The pen is "saving" the colors you are going over, as it will dry transparent.

  3. Once the glaze pen ink is dry, go over the entire piece with a glaze of watercolors or ink. This will mute the background and make the lines you drew stand out. You can do as many layers as you want.
  4. Once your piece is dry you can embelish it with additional paint, colored pencils, gel pens, pen and ink.... anything you can think of.
  5. Have fun!!!
    Here is a finished piece (above) and another at the bottom. Both used this technique with watercolors, colored pencils and pen & ink.
I have a couple of pieces using this technique in my Etsy shop if you want to take a look:
I'm also working on a couple of other pieces, one of them (which I'm really enjoying) using iridescent ink. Please post a comment or email me if you are interested in seeing that piece. I can add it to the post once I'm done.


Wanda H said...

Marta, this is so cool. Gorgeous examples. I especially like the bottom one.

Aileen (Pronounced A-Leen) said...

Very cool results you achieved I love how it looks like stained glass. Thanks for sharing!

Sheri said...

this is awsome! I totally have to try this... thanx for the comment on my zentangle... have you tried one yet?

Marilyn said...

Great explanation of technique. I really thought my "white" Glaze gel pen was of no use to me, but aha -- I now have a use. Great blog. I have it bookmarked as a favorite.

Trisha too said...

LOVE your blog! And Sakura is really the only white glaze gel pen I've found that, for the most part, truly write white over whatever.

These are just gorgeous.

I want to see more of your hand carved stamps!!

Lily Pang said...

Beautiful and thank you so much for sharing it!

Lorri said...

Great idea for the glaze pens! I love my glaze pens and I will give your idea a shot.
Thank you for sharing with us.
I like the aceo display ideas too - perhaps I will add mine for you also.