Saturday, June 30, 2007

Technique #4: Painted Deli Paper

I really should not be posting since I have sooooo much to do, but I felt bad about posting the 7 random facts about myself and not give you a technique. So, here it the technique I used for the technique swap for the Art Techniques group.

  • deli paper (mine is called "heavy weight interfolded delicatessen paper " brand is WF8)
  • liquid watercolors
  • Shiva paintsticks
  • foam stamp
  • gesso
  • stamping pad


  1. Crumple your deli paper into a ball 2 or 3 times
  2. Lay it flat on a protected surface so you don't get watercolors all over your working surface
  3. Squirt 2 or 3 colors of liquid watercolors onto the paper
  4. Squirt water over the paper so the colors start to mix
  5. Crumple your paper again and squeeze tight so you won't get too much white space
  6. Let dry or use a heat gun as you open your paper carefully and slowly
  7. Once dry, rub Shiva Paintsticks (one or two colors) over the paper so it highlights the peaks and valleys
  8. Dab a foam stamp on gesso and stamp your paper randomly
  9. When adhering to another surface, let some of the wrinkes in the paper and highlight them by rubbing a stamping pad over the wrinkles
That's it! Here are some of the ATCs for the technique swap:

Here are some more examples of papers I made using this technique:

I have used this technique for the background of my nephew's present: