Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Technique #3: Model Magic and stamps

This is very simple and I'm only including it here because several people have asked me how a couple of things were made after looking at my picturetrail albums.


  • Model Magic by Crayola (I'll call it "clay")
  • powder (I used cornstarch)
  • stamps (I used my own hand-carved stamps)
  • paints (watercolors, acrylics, rub-ons, Pearl-Ex, whatever you have and want to experiment with)


Before you begin, I must say that you can't save unused "clay", so make sure you have enough stamps so you can use the entire contents (I got 4 oz. packages).

  1. roll out the Model Magic to the desired thickness
  2. dust the "clay" with the powder
  3. press the stamp on the "clay"
  4. remove carefully
  5. cut or tear around the stamped "clay"
  6. let dry overnight (see picture below)
  7. brush the powder away
  8. paint the "clay". The "clay" in the picture below was painted with watercolors
  9. go over the raised surfaces with metallic rub-ons or a contrasting color (the picture below was painted with watercolors and the raised surfaces with copper metallic rub-ons)
  10. embelish as desired (in the picture below I used Pearl-Ex with diamond glaze to give the heart some color, then sewed around it with metallic thread). If you sew on Model Magic, don't pull the thread too tight or it will cut through the "clay".

Told you it was easy!!! I hope you enjoy it!!


Rhonda Phillips said...

Great blog Marta!
The clay project is amazing. I love the way the rub on's change the piece.
Thank you so much for sharing your techniques!
Rhonda P.

Erasmuse said...

Love this page Marta and keep watching to see you upload something more!

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